It’s not an art journal, it’s not really a calendar, it’s your personal assistant to help you capture ideas, keep you on track with your clients, and remind you of what you want to do in your artistic life. It’s a place to keep track of those brilliant ideas that tend to slip away from you, or places you want to visit. So grab a notebook, as plain or fancy as you please, and start capturing ideas, images, information that pertain to your artistic life.

Here’s a list of possible ideas for your notebook:

At the end of your art session/day in the studio, write about how things went. This is an excellent way to end your day on the positive. You can write about challenges and successes or how your felt about the process. If you get in this habit, you will have notes to later refer to if you need to speak about a particular piece. Use these notes later for artist statements. Look back at them at the end of the year to see how far you have come.
Write about a finished piece. Again, this can come in handy later for artist descriptions for speaking to or writing about your work.
Write or use images for new project ideas. How often do these ideas slip away? If you capture just a few…
Start a list of words that describes your work. Instant help for press releases!
Make a list of creative things you want to try.
Keep track of what clients have purchased. You can look very professional if you can recall a client’s purchases. Or you can mention a new work that may interest them based on a past interest or purchase.
List books you want to read.
Note websites and blogs you want to check out or check in on.
Add inspirational quotes just for fun.
Keep a list of thank-you notes you need to send, and when sent, check them off for a gold star!
Keep track of color combinations you want to try…better yet, paint them right on the page.
List museum exhibits/gallery shows/workshops you don’t want to miss. Transfer deadlines to your calendar, or have a calendar attached in the notebook for streamlining the process.
Brainstorm places to show your work.
Keep a list of best places to order your art supplies, maybe noting if certain items are on sale at certain times of the year.
Everyone will have their own ideas for this notebook. It’s the perfect place for all of us analogue people. And it can become an artistic creation of its own. If you don’t have time for art in a day, at least you can act like a serious artist for a few moments with this book. For those shy people who could use a little artist self-esteem, this could be a boost. For all of us, this book can help us clean up our scraps of notes left on tables, at the bottom of our purses, in our pockets, etc.

My current notebook is pictured above. I get a big kick out of adding notes in color. I covered a standard black drawing book with favorite fabric and collaged on the face of it. It gives me a lift to use it, and it sits right up front on my desk, or pops into my bag for traveling. One of the most useful workers in my studio!-Susan

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