Why Keep Learning?

As Artists we become fully engaged in what we’re working on in the studio, getting immersed in our process. In doing so we produce a consistent body of work for the gallery or art fair circuit but after a while that idea we were so engaged in can start to play out and then we can find ourselves floundering for what to do next.

I was reading a blog post by USAonCanvas.com called 20 Mistakes Artists Make and How to Avoid Them and the one that really struck me was

#6. Ignoring Skill-Building

Professional dancers don’t just stop learning new steps once they’ve been paid to perform, and tennis players don’t stop working on harder serves just because they won a big match. Likewise, an artist shouldn’t stop their artistic education once they’ve sold a few paintings.

Read books on technique or learn about old movements or artists whose styles might influence your own.

You might not sign up for classes, but surf the web for new tools of the trade, experiment with different materials, and try out techniques you couldn’t quite perfect a few months or years ago.

Continuing with the same style might work for a few years, but most successful artists grow and expand their repertoire over time, so you should too.

I would definitely add Take a Workshop to this list. Interacting with other artists is one of the best ways to jump start the flow of your creative juices. Not only do you get the instruction and guidance from the workshop leader but you also get the camaraderie and energy of all of the artists in the group. It is a great opportunity to be free and grow not to mention it is FUN!

To see the other 19 Mistakes Artists Make you can read USAonCanvas.com’s full post here

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