Maintain Your Muse-Attend A Workshop!

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Taking the time to reflect on the side benefits of a workshop you attend can stretch your dollars. Consider these points and you may be surprised at the added extras that come with it at no charge!

This past weekend Susan and I conducted a workshop at Edgewater Gallery in Fort Bragg, Ca. Here are some thoughts we had around it:

Alexis – I think workshops are so valuable because they bring together a group of like minded people to spend a day creating together. You make new friends and the symbiosis of working together helps everyone break through road blocks and make huge leaps forward with their artistic practice.

Susan- The group dynamic changes every time because the people are different each workshop. Listening to peoples stories and getting to know where they are coming from into their art is fascinating. As you look at the work of each person it becomes more meaningful because you know where they are coming from.

Alexis – This workshop, which we did for MyArtMuse to accompany our I and I show, was focused on taking the journey from seeing something real into interpreting it in a unique way. We did an exercise where we turned a still life of objects into creative drawings that, while they referenced the still life, were unique pieces conjured up from the imagination. Everyone benefited from the experience of stepping away from what they could see in front of them and stretching into seeing through their imagination.

Susan- During the first step everyone is still drawing in a kind of representative way. When we do the second step of the process it really blows the process open for people.

Alexis – It’s amazing how much energy it takes to work in a new direction. By the end of the day everyone is exhausted but that’s often when the best work happens. I think maybe our barriers and shields come down when we get a little tired and we become more free and open to new ideas.

Susan-And although at the time we’re exhausted, hopefully we go home and are invigorated when we think back on the experience we’ve been through. Really the workshop is still going after it’s over because you’re still thinking about it and how what you’ve learned applies to you.

Alexis – The sharing that happens in a group is so important. We all learn new techniques from each other as well as getting exposed to new materials we haven’t seen before. How-to tips are shared as well as sources for supplies. Really all kinds of interesting information comes out during the course of the day.

Susan – Hopefully new friendships are formed and everyone stays in touch continuing to trade tips and information.

When you’re ready to stretch yourself in a new direction a workshop is a great way to go. In person or on the web there is a lot to learn and great ways to do it. If you’d like to take a workshop with us keep an eye on the MyArtMuse website for upcoming dates or get in touch with us to schedule a class for you and your group.





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