It’s Getting Exciting!


This journey of influence and inspiration has taken us down some wonderful paths. Starting off as an interesting project between two artists, it has grown into the beginning of a new dream. We have been so excited about the project and it’s influence on our lives that we want to share the good ideas that we have experienced these past months.

Our first showing in Fort Bragg, California will run the month of May. Opening night will be Friday, May 4th, 5-8pm. We will be presenting the project to the public that evening. Then on Saturday, May 5th, we will be holding a more in-depth workshop based on the project. Space for the workshop can be reserved through the Big Announcement below.

And this week’s Big Announcement: we have opened a website to promoting the idea of “finding a wealth of inspiration from within.” At this site we will be presenting tips and inspiration for the artist in everyone! Seasoned artists can find community and ideas to keep going and growing, and beginners can find help and tips to cheer them along their path. We sent out a survey awhile back, and are looking into the specific roadblocks artists face, and we are digging around out there to find solutions. We have opened a Facebook page to go along with the site, as well as a more in depth blog. Check the framework and beginnings at: and let us know what topics you want to explore! We can be found on Facebook at:

We plan on continuing this blog, as well, because we don’t feel we have reached the end of this project, either.  So on we shall go!….

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