Welcome to the My Art Muse Blog, Let’s Get Creative!

A Muse whispers in your ear, lets you know you are not alone, asks the "what-if" questions, makes suggestions, holds you accountable

The artistic journey can be a lonely one. Even though we have people, places and things in our lives that keep us company and inspire us, in the end, the act of creating art is a solitary one that can only come from within ourselves.

My Art Muse is here to be your virtual accountability partner. To help you find inspiration from within, to encourage you to search, experiment and ultimately grow as an artist. To cheer you on and boost your confidence to take artistic leaps and chances.

We'd like to use this blog as a place to discuss what Inspires us all to be Creative.

When Susan and I began the Influence and Inspiration Project we wanted to do an experiment, to see where it would lead and what we would find. In the end we found that by using our method of non-critical response we really grew as artists. We clarified our personal inspiration, learned more about ourselves as artists and our work took on more meaningful content. We found we were better at communicating what we wanted to say through our art. We became each other’s Muse.

This led us to start My Art Muse with the purpose of being Your Art Muse, inspiring you, encouraging you and helping you grow with and through your art.

We hope you will join the discussion with us and share your thoughts and experiences. As a way to get to know each other let us know what inspired the last piece you created in the comment section below.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the My Art Muse Blog, Let’s Get Creative!”

  1. The last piece I created was inspired by looking at and studying the notables in my media. When someone looks at it and comments, “It reminds me of…” I know I did well. As Austin Kleon said, “steal like an artist…”

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