Getting Things Done In A Crunch

Things can get pretty crazy for us all, artists or hobbyists, or anyone trying to juggle schedules. I recently watched this short video by art pal, Nicholas Wilton who addresses the problem of getting things done, it’s worth a watch for anyone, and especially artists trying to hit deadlines:  under “Take A Break” Feb. 25, 2018. I took his advice to heart this week, having to reach a ton of very important deadlines and here is some sound advice that got me through it all hitting the mark like superwoman!

  1. Clear your plate.    You can’t just pile on more stuff to an already busy schedule. You will have to edit your to-do list of anything that can be put off so you can dedicate time to do your best.
  2. Break it down.      List what has to happen. Under each job break it down to smaller tasks that hopefully can be achieved in 30-45 minutes.
  3. Start working.      Rotate your time on the smaller tasks round and round. For example, I did 45 minutes art, 30 minutes photographing, 30 minutes writing media copy, and back again to art. Get the idea?

Here is what I found after a three day blitz of intense deadlines:

  • I think my work was of higher quality than if I would have followed each job through till the end. I was fresh each time I approached a new “task.”
  • My productivity was as good if not better than my regular routine of seeing each job finished before starting a new one.
  • I was not burned out at the end of the day. I had energy to make dinner, and do house chores, etc. instead of collapsing on the sofa.
  • My attitude was waaaaay better. Just ask my husband! I was pleasant at the end of the day.


So, who can’t use a little time management help from time to time? Whether trying to hit art deadlines, writing, photographing, or making calls-I found this advice extremely helpful! You may want to give this time-management idea a try either on your regular schedule or at crunch time.

Much thanks to Nicholas Wilton and all his wonderful blogs and tips ( and his popular workshops!) You can find him at

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