Creativity and The Muse


In her wonderful book Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the muse. She speaks of artistic ideas that visit us asking for a home like whispers on a breeze. We chose to give these ideas a home with our efforts, or we refuse to participate and the idea then moves on to the next person. I picture  big ideas, big projects here.

But I think there are little muses in our artistic lives. Much like cherubs instead of angels. They visit us all the time as we create. We sift through them and choose. Little voices. The “what ifs.” As we create, the little voice leans in asking, “What if we changed the surface?” ” What if you try a new brush stroke here?” It’s the curious side of you.

We need time, as artists, to let that curiosity have a little rein. If we don’t, our art can become predictable. The work may still be beautiful to our audience, but as creatives, we can become bored and restless. We know how to paint a sky, turn a pot on the wheel, but we may wonder,” Where did the excitement go?” …What if we fail?… So, what if we use a large brush stroke in that sky? Why not put deer hooves on that pot?

During our work on the Influence and Inspiration Project ( ) Alexis and I had to let go of the safe route of our art. We had to be ready to fail along the way. We let it go and listened instead to the little muses that buzzed around our heads. And the results made us happy.

Come see the project next month at Edgewater Gallery in Fort Bragg, California. Opening is Friday, May 4th, 5-8pm. Or if you are ready to take the plunge to learn more, our workshop is Saturday, May 5th, 10-4. You can contact us and sign up on this site:

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