All This Extra Art

Alexis and I were talking the other day about this project. (A favorite subject for us…) And Alexis pointed out that she never felt like she sacrificed anything in creating these over 40 pieces of work this year. I had to agree:

We didn’t feel like we sacrificed time. It was like the days we worked on pieces became longer somehow. Those days extended out to accommodate what we were doing. We learned that you will have time for what you enjoy doing.

We didn’t feel like we sacrificed energy. We remained excited to see what was coming next. It was like opening a surprise package each time a new piece came around for us.

And although we held each other accountable for doing another piece, we never felt “obliged” to hurry along. We each have busy lives that revolve around being artists, and we both have families and community affairs that require our input. When one of us couldn’t produce that week, we never lost momentum.

We each managed to produce 30 or so extra art works over the course of the year. And a year is only 52 weeks! How and why did it happen? I have some thoughts on it:

  1. We had the right partner in each other. Let’s face it, as artists we all have art pals, but finding the right one that “clicks” is important.
  2. We are both dedicated to our craft. We work daily at it.
  3.  We each have an insatiable appetite to learn.
  4. We are not afraid to try new things and fail if that’s what happens. That’s part of learning.

We were each other’s muse. (check out the website we are building: and  leave a comment here, or on the site. We are open to questions and sharing, ideas for topics, challenges we all face.) We can all be muses!

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