What We Do

Our workshops bring out everyone's creative talent.

Creating Together encourages participants to be bold and share their creative ideas within the group. Then we get to see those ideas grow as the project progresses.

Clay Expressions is a workshop designed to promote camaraderie among your team by getting your hands dirty and creating something fun with clay.

Who Uses US

We are ideal for small companies looking to build a stronger bond among their team members or for larger companies who can break up into smaller focus groups for the workshops.

How We Work

We work with small groups of up to 24 people at a time. This allows an opportunity for sharing and discussion between all of the participants.

No Experience Necessary

You don't need to have any prior art experience to have great success with these projects. We love getting people excited  about finding their creative side!

Meet the Team

Alexis Moyer


"I love being an artist! Even after more than 30 years of working  with clay, I still find it exciting to go into the studio every day,  exploring and pushing the limits of what I can do and what the clay can  be made to do. I love the challenges that working with clay presents."

Alexis has a BFA in Ceramics from CCAC where she studied with Viola Frey and Art Nelson. She has taught through her studio, the Mendocino Art Center and public and private school settings for the past 30 years. Her students have ranged in age from 5 to 85!

To see art work by Alexis visit AlexisMoyeSculpture.com or stop by her studio/gallery, The Pot Shop in Philo, CA

Susan Spencer


Susan is known as a high-energy coach, teacher, facilitator and creative entrepreneur. 

Her strengths lie in humor, observation and an ability to put people at ease. 

Through this atmosphere her clients experience the joy of creative expression and confidence building. Group communication becomes open and comfortable adding to creative ideas and sharing.

"Isn't it surprising all the different ways people express their creativity? I never tire of seeing this creative process unfold either in my own work, or that of others. It's intriguing how differently each of us may approach a challenge, whether building a house or painting an abstract idea. You will find me constantly putting my creative juices to the test, be it in my gardens, building furniture, or spending the afternoon up in my studio painting, collaging, or putting together a new assemblage."

Our Story

Project History


A year of inspiration undertaken by Susan Spencer and Alexis Moyer, tapped into their creative process in an unusual way. What started out as a ‘fun experiment’ went on to earn them national recognition as Artist/Craftsman Extraordinaire by American Craft Week in 2017 for their resulting creation: The Influence and Inspiration Project. The project was comprised of an exchange of original artworks back and forth between each artist, with each exchange inspiring a new piece of art by the other. This resulted in a line of art works or an "artistic conversation" between Moyer and Spencer. Over 40 pieces of art were produced during the course of the year and the results of the project reached farther than either woman could ever have imagined.

Spencer and Moyer found that by using this method of non-critical response they really grew as people. “We clarified our personal inspiration, learned more about ourselves as artists, and our work took on more meaningful content." Accountability became a key aspect of the project. By undertaking the challenge of creating a new piece to exchange back and forth, each artist was pushed to free up her creative thinking, unlock barriers, experiment and grow. “Having to respond to another's work really makes you dig down to find a way to communicate your idea, using your own methods and style of work. The other side of that is seeing what response your piece elicited from someone else. It’s much deeper than “I like that”, you really do get to see what the other person got from your work.” 

Problem Solving Skills


Both artists also noticed a great deal of growth in their skills at problem solving. They discovered techniques they could use to get “unstuck” when the piece that came to them was less than inspiring on first viewing. “It makes you realize that you can find inspiration from the most unlikely places. It was an interesting process to see that when one of us struggled on a piece the other’s response piece seemed to make a huge leap in artistic growth. Certainly not what either of us would have predicted would happen,” says Spencer. Along the way avenues for new work opened up for both artists and they each took opportunities to expand on several pieces created at various points in the series.

Better Communication


Spencer and Moyer gained so many benefits from the project they wanted to share the eye opening experience with others as well. The two women began hosting workshops and sharing their method of exchanging and responding to another person’s artwork. They found that having a background in art was not necessary to gain the benefits of from the process and reach a successful outcome. Their workshops are a place for conversations and interactions that will benefit anyone who participates.

The ‘Creative Response Method’ teaches us how to be better at listening to creative ideas. We become more thoughtful when responding to others and give more generous feedback in our responses to their ideas. It really helps us learn to communicate better.  

See The Influence and Inspiration Project

Fish in the Sea (pdf)


The Dawn Chorus (pdf)


Sunrise (pdf)


Another Path (pdf)