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Express Creatively- Listen Thoughtfully- Respond Generously


You don’t have to be a master artist to learn, explore your creative side, and have fun using The Creative Response Method. The objective is to teach your team to become more comfortable expressing their creative ideas with one and other – to be able to toss out ideas and have others build upon them allowing the whole team to develop ideas that no team single member could have created alone.

Together, collaborative artists Alexis Moyer and Susan Spencer will lead your group through a series of art projects that build upon each other. Every member of your group will have the opportunity to put an artistic ‘idea’ into the mix and see how the other members of their group receive the idea and transform it into something new. The work for the day is all part of the experimental process, and is not intended to result in finished art works. Rather, the artistic process is designed to guide your team through an experience that will help them grow to respect and respond to co-workers ideas in the most positive way.

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Express Creatively- Listen Thoughtfully- Respond Generously



Something really special happens when a group gets together for a workshop. There is an energy that lets everyone do more, stretch further and reach deeper.

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Ceramic artist Alexis Moyer and assemblage artist Susan Spencer will lead your team through a fun day of creative exploration.

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