Boost Your Creativity! Workshop

Explore what inspires you on a deeper level than just what you see.

Bring a finished piece of your work or use one of ours as a jumping off spot for this inspiring workshop. You'll get the opportunity to create a new piece of art using the Response Method.

All experience levels welcome.

Enjoy the company of other creative souls and take part in a lively discussion of art, life and the work we create at the workshop.

Upcoming Workshop

 January 26, 2018
10 - 3
The Pot Shop
Philo, CA

This workshop will be part of Feast Mendocino

To sign up send us a note on the contact page and we'll get back to you with the details.


Workshops are a Great Way to Learn

I love taking workshops. There is a symbiosis that happens when a group of people get together to create something new. Somehow everyone seems to rise above their own bar.

Workshops provide an opportunity to immerse oneself completely into a new technique or project without any of the distractions of home. I always try and take the opportunity to stretch as far as I can and soak up the new experience.

The Response Method that Susan and Alexis teach will give you the chance to see what happens when you dig deep and find the wealth of inspiration you have within yourself.

Work One on One With One of US!

We had so much fun and learned so much doing our exchange project that we decided offer you the opportunity to do a Response Method project with one of us.

How it Works:

We will do 8 work exchanges with you so you really get the chance to dive into the Response Method and get the benefit from working this way. You will get to keep all 8 projects - your 4 and the 4 one of us does and sends to you.

After each exchange we will have a meeting by phone/facetime/skype to talk about what we've done. You will also have access to us by e-mail for questions or support during the project.

We have 6 spaces available. 3 with Susan and 3 with Alexis. The program fee is $1500 or 4 monthly payments of $400.

If you'd like to have a conversation to see if this program might be right for you click the 'Let's Talk' button and we'll be in touch to have a no obligation discussion and answer any questions you have about the program.

Next Steps...

If you'd like to join us for an upcoming workshop, just drop us a note on the contact page and we'll send you the particulars